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Enjoy festivities without compromising on your health

Suffering from asthma?

Three tips to keep yourself safe this diwali

Diwali can be a challenging time for asthmatics, considering the pollution and smoke from bursting firecrackers that can leave them gasping. If you have asthma, here are three things that you can do this Diwali:

  • Avoid firecrackers, stay indoors as much as possible
    Avoid areas where people burst crackers, you can stay indoors and keep the windows shut. Switch on the air-conditioner as this will prevent you from feeling suffocated.
  • Wear a mask
    Pollution masks available at the chemist store can help you cut out the smoke and pollution outside. Choose the mask carefully – it should fit tightly on your face with no gaps at the sides for any particulate matter to pass through. However, you can also wrap a scarf or a handkerchief instead.
  • Be regular with medications
    If you have been prescribed medications, make sure you take them regularly. Keep your inhaler handy at all times.

Abiding by these simple tips can help you stay safe and make this the best festive season!

Simple things to remember

while eating out during festivities

In India, food and festivities go hand-in-hand. However, going to a restaurant cannot be an excuse for gorging on unhealthy foods. Follow these simple tips to enjoy your meal and stop worrying about putting on the extra kilos.

  • Avoid deep-fried foods
    It is not easy to turn away from tempting fried foods. But deep-frying items in the same oil is linked to a host of adverse health conditions. Here is what you can do when eating out. Ask for the same food items to be grilled, rather than fried. It will not only taste good but also promise good health.
  • Cut out sugar
    While festivities are incomplete without sweets, gorging on them can jeopardize your health. Besides weight gain, excessive intake of sugar is also linked to other health conditions, including diabetes, obesity and health diseases. Consider replacing sugar with natural sweeteners such as cinnamon, jaggery and dates can lend the same great taste to your serving of kheer or halwa.
  • Opt for packaged drinking water
    Make sure you order packaged drinking water while eating at a restaurant. Contaminated water is often responsible for a slew of diseases. With packaged drinking water, you can be sure about the quality.
    Also, drink about 7-8 glasses of water every day. Besides keeping you well-hydrated, drinking adequate water aids weight loss and improves kidney functions.

Set up a post-celebration fitness regime

for your family With these health tips

Festivals, while being a welcome departure from one’s daily routine, is also a time for binging on food and keeping up all night to revel in the joy. That’s precisely why you should resume your post-festival fitness regimen without wasting much time. Here’s how you can do it:

  • Get adequate sleep
    You cannot overemphasize the significance of a healthy sleep routine. Rest is the best way to restore your energy levels after a hectic festive week and also get rid of any stress or anxiety.
  • Resume cardiovascular exercises
    While it is normal for your fitness regime to go into a tailspin during festivities, you should ideally hit the jogging track right away, considering you might have to work harder to shed the extra kilos.
    It is advised to stretch properly before engaging in any workout. Also, begin with cardiovascular exercises – such as running, swimming, etc. as these can kick-start the weight loss process.
  • Eat mindfully
    Your days of mindless binging on calorie-laden sweets are now over! After Diwali, make sure you clean up your fridge and get back to mindful eating. Remember, a nutritious diet is key to good health.
    Cut out processed carbohydrates (white rice, white flour or maida); instead, stick to the more complex varieties such as whole wheat flour, fibre-rich vegetables and fruits, legumes, beans, and other whole grains.
    You can use fitness-tracker wearables and discuss the readings within your family to promote a culture of health consciousness and mindful eating.