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Term Life Claim Process

In case of a death claim, the nominee should contact the Insurance Company either directly or via Tata Motors Insurance Broking And Advisory Services Ltd. to intimate the event and initiate the claims process.

At the time of claim intimation only the following information need to be provided:

  • Policy number
  • Name of the deceased Insured person
  • Insured person’s Date of Birth and
  • Place and cause of death

A claim form will be required to be filled and provided to the Insurance Company. This form can be made available via email and/or the Insurer’s or LifeKaPlan customer portal. The physical claim form may be filled in and submitted along with the other required documents in original or may be provided to the insurer via the online form facility (if available).

Documents Checklist

The list of required documents may vary depending on the cause of demise.

  • Original copy of Completed Claimant Statement by the policyholder and designated beneficiary, with Policyholder’s Company stamp and authorized signature. (Please note that the signature of the beneficiary is also required on the claim form)
  • Attested NEFT form (attested by the respective Bank) along with a copy of the cancelled cheque (with the printed name of the policyholder/nominee) OR a Bank passbook front page copy, to validate the account details & IFSC Code of the payee.
  • Original/attested true copy of death certificate by Municipal Authority.
  • Certification of date of birth of the insured member on a letterhead signed by authorised signatory / Email from the ID of the Authorised signatory.
  • Attested true copy of last two months salary slip /appointment letter /promotion letter /increment letter confirming Grade/designation of the insured member.
  • Member Enrolment Form with name of the beneficiary mentioned.
  • Attested true copy of relationship proof between designated beneficiary and insured member.

If death is natural in addition to above documents:

Original/attested true copy of Death Certificate by doctor, with cause of death shown.

If death is due to accident in addition to above documents:

Original/attested true copy of Police Investigation Reports, If post-mortem is conducted then original/attested true copy of Post Mortem report is required.

Any other additional document might arise post scrutiny of the claim and which might not be a part of the above checklist.